From Mad in Norway: “It is your own fault”


I think it has dawned on me what it is that I have lived through and what it has done to me, and it makes me angry! Not just over those who did it, but especially over the system’s incompetence and lack of professional ability to take care of such children, young people and adults. Because there is something about it that one day we will be adults. On that day, some of us end up abused, with risky behaviour, bad relationships, in a bad life situation due to a lack of or damaged ability to work, and unfortunately, a good portion of us also end up in psychiatry due to failed suicide attempts, sensory experiences (experiences of the senses, which other people do not experience and which can frighten us who experience them). We end up with anxiety about sleeping because every time we try to sleep, it feels like we are being lifted into the other horrible world again. The one where we, as children, are sold to other men, of our own flesh and blood, and where it was up to fate whether you got food that day and could go to the toilet, and then you can’t sleep. The proportion of suffering people we are told are sick, disturbed, schizophrenic, borderline, guarded and prone to crying. According to those who would imagine themselves to be so-called professionals, we have nothing ourselves, no whole core inside, and everything we say and do can be used against us. And that will be it! Exactly like if you went to prison.

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