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Tag: Diagnosis

Grief is Never a Disorder   

What the ….? They’re at it again, I hear myself silently saying.

Becoming Whole: How a Change in Me Became a Change in...

It feels challenging to commit to a lifetime process of self-reflection and self-improvement when someone is offering you an easy way out.

An example of a broken system

I have managed to progress in my life despite being seen as ‘one of the most severe cases of borderline’ because I reached outside psychiatry for support to people who seen the whole of me and did not blame me for my distress. Surely this is example of a broken system that needs to change. 

When Treatment Makes You Sick: The Eating Disorder Clinic  

Of course I wish I had never endured the years of brainwashing and lies in that clinic. But I had the good fortune to get out. I don’t know how to help others being told their ‘eating disorder’ is a lifelong sentence that requires constant management. I have my voice, and I will use it

Crisis in Serviceland  

My experience of childhood abuse put the power in others and removed my control. My later experiences with Mental Health Services did the same. Now I have the PHB, I have the control to do what feels right for me.