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Challenging a Psychiatric Diagnosis

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on Mad in the UK in May 2019, we are reposting some of our favourite blogs over...

Crossing Cultures with the Power Threat Meaning Framework – Australia

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Grief is Never a Disorder   

What the ….? They’re at it again, I hear myself silently saying.

Becoming Whole: How a Change in Me Became a Change in...

It feels challenging to commit to a lifetime process of self-reflection and self-improvement when someone is offering you an easy way out.

An example of a broken system

I have managed to progress in my life despite being seen as ‘one of the most severe cases of borderline’ because I reached outside psychiatry for support to people who seen the whole of me and did not blame me for my distress. Surely this is example of a broken system that needs to change.