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Psychiatry, Fraud, and the Case for a Class-Action Lawsuit

Editor's Note: this post was written and published by our sister site Mad in America on 13th August 2022, and is republished here with...

Why Do People Self-Harm and What Can We Do to Stop...

It is sobering to consider the reasons why someone who is programmed from birth to avoid pain and to flee danger would purposefully inflict...

Antidepressants Are Great, Until You Have an Adverse Drug Reaction

I ended up admitted to a psychiatric hospital without being involved in that decision. At a time of stress and vulnerability I expected genuine support. Instead I had the police on my doorstep and I was locked into a building for three weeks. Forced hospitalisation was a serious trauma and I continue to suffer post-traumatic stress over a decade later.

It’s Time to Change the Way We Make Sense of Human...

What follows is a doctor-patient interaction that I hope will become more commonplace across psychiatric outpatient clinics.

Psychological Support for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

We discuss the release of guidance which has been specifically written to support UK psychological therapists and their clients in having discussions about taking and withdrawing from psychiatric drugs. The guidance is a collaboration between psychologists, peer support specialists and psychiatrists and aims to provide important context and evidence-based support to psychological therapists.