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Tag: DSM

Art Therapy and Holding on to Rage

I always seek to use more ordinary language, bringing the person’s own words and metaphors in. It can be painful to hear a person’s detailed and often very meaningful description of their feelings or distress being reduced to a symptom.

So What is Mental Disorder? Part 1: Reasoning and Meaning

If madness involves a loss or failure of shared reasoning that places the individual outside of the community of immediate and implicit human understanding, does this mean it is without interest or meaning?

‘Call Me Crazy’: A Purposeful Act of Activism

‘Call me Crazy’ takes place during the reign of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-IV and begins with the playwright’s announcement ‘All of the events and stories in this play are true, especially the ones you will think I must have made up.’

Review of “Call me Crazy”: A play by Paula Caplan PhD

When I was invited to review “Call me Crazy”, written and directed by Paula J Caplan, a clinical and research psychologist, playwright, author, advocate, filmmaker and activist from the US, I was aware that this was the first play she had ever written and that it had won second place in a national playwriting competition.

Insane Medicine, Chapter 4: The Manufacture of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)...

No one has come near to finding a genetic basis or a characteristic neurological abnormality for autism, and as a result there is no biological marker or brain scan used to diagnose ASD.