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Tag: eating disorder

Why therapy and writing are similar struggles

When people speak about not being able to write, they use the term ‘writer’s block’. This makes me think of roadworks, of a low,...

Boarding schools are bad for children. Why do they still exist?

Being sent to boarding school can cause severe harm to children. This is evident from testimonies gathered by therapists, journalists and courtrooms. So why...

When treatment makes you sick: the eating disorder clinic

Eight years after beginning ‘treatment’ for an ‘eating disorder’, I was eating worse than ever. Yet three years after quitting that ‘treatment’, food is...

Why Must People Pathologize Eating Problems?

Why is it that so many people, even some astute critics of the traditional mental health system who are happy to challenge the pathologizing of emotional distress generally, cling uncritically to the term and concept of “eating disorders”?

Living Under Section – Coercion, Powerlessness and Aggravated Distress

Having one’s rights and freedoms removed is inherently degrading, no matter how nicely or correctly the procedures for enforcing and managing those removals are implemented. When one’s ability to act autonomously and in personally meaningful ways is significantly undermined for an extended period of time, it is soul destroying, and for me, it certainly contributed to my escalating mental distress.