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Tag: Mental health

Philosophy & Madness: A Discussion with Wouter Kusters on his new...

It was as if all my knowledge about, and philosophical encircling around, the heart of madness suddenly broke a limit, gravitated to a central core, and then exploded into freeing fragments radiating outwards towards an infinity of madness, which was both abysmal as well as ecstatic at the same time.

So What is Mental Disorder? Part 1: Reasoning and Meaning

If madness involves a loss or failure of shared reasoning that places the individual outside of the community of immediate and implicit human understanding, does this mean it is without interest or meaning?

New Campaign: Supporting Litigation Against Mental Health Services Protecting Harmful Psychiatric Practice

People experiencing emotional distress and unusual psychological experiences, need protecting from the pathology-driven medical diagnostic approach, which has resulted in much untoward death and significant harm over the past half century.

Review of “Call me Crazy”: A play by Paula Caplan PhD

When I was invited to review “Call me Crazy”, written and directed by Paula J Caplan, a clinical and research psychologist, playwright, author, advocate, filmmaker and activist from the US, I was aware that this was the first play she had ever written and that it had won second place in a national playwriting competition.

The Spurning of Knowledge at Mental Health Tribunals: Personal Reflections

Identity prejudice has worked in advance of the Tribunal to adversely impact any hope of a fair testimonial exchange by undermining my credibility to an extent that even my views on what is important to my own quality of life were effectively not considered.