Existential Therapy: An online workshop with Prof Emmy van Deurzen


In this AD4E online workshop, Prof Emmy van Deurzen will introduce existential therapy and its long tradition of anti-labelling. She will show some of the different ways in which the existential tradition has tackled problems in living without medicalising people’s issues, introducing contributions from Binswanger, Jaspers, Sartre, Laing and Szasz. Alongside this formal content, with its many inspirational ideas, there will be ample time to consider practical applications and illustrations and to discuss the ideas in group discussion.

This workshop is aimed at counsellors and psychotherapists but is open to anyone who has an interest in non-pathologising ways of supporting people.

Date and time: Fri, 12 Jan 2024 09:30 – 12:00 GMT

Location: Online

Tickets available here 

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