Mad in the Netherlands: Covid & Insecurity


All kinds of frameworks have been built around this primal instinct. The expression of stress and trauma is therefore very diverse. A stressed person has a reduced capacity to cope and the associated complaints are always related to stress. But the greater the stress and the longer the stress lasts, the more active our survival strategies based on our primal instincts will become. That is a natural reaction of us humans to danger.

Take Covid for example; Many people suffer from fatigue complaints, making recovery from the disease difficult. What I hear in return is that they are offered all kinds of methods that offer little or no relief at all. Those who are absent from work due to the aftermath of Covid are out for quite some time and hardly recover from their complaints. Their fatigue often increases instead of decreasing and they slowly develop more and more complaints due to a reduced capacity to cope. They search endlessly for an external solution to their problem and make claims on the healthcare system so that, in my opinion, the core of the problems that arise is missed. They are mainly concerned with what appears on the surface due to the physical complaints that arise from Covid. Diets or physiotherapy are offered and entire clinics are being set up, especially for long Covid, where attention is mainly paid to lung capacity. But in my opinion, where we mainly patch up the physical body, the core is missed, that it is about insecurity.

If you zoom out, we humans were in mortal danger, there was a life-threatening virus going on in the world. I see a connection between trauma and Covid. Read the rest of the article on Mad in the Netherlands here