Give us a safe exit from antidepressants and other psych meds!


World Tapering Org is launching a global petition to make stopping antidepressants and other psych meds/drugs safer.

We are calling for

  • better guidelines for tapering antidepressants and other psych meds/drugs
  • providing physicians with practical tools to support patients who are tapering psych meds
  • making very low-dosage forms of administration of all psych meds available so that the pace of tapering can be adapted to the needs of each individual patient

Making tapering safer provides benefits to both patients and physicians. The current tapering guidelines are inadequate; many people are advised to taper too quickly, sometimes with disastrous results. This needs to change.

This petition is endorsed by Mark Horowitz (researcher, trainee psychiatrist, MBBS, BSc, BA, MSc, PhD, UK), Adele Framer (founder of, USA), IIPDW (International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, UK), Anne Guy (PsychD, UK), Anders Sørensen (researcher, DK), Prof. Jim van Os (NL), Dr. Peter Groot (NL), Ewout Kattouw/Stichting PILL (NL) Vereniging Afbouwmedicatie (NL) and many more.

Do you agree with us that tapering psych meds should become safer and easier? Please sign!


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