Dr Gabor Maté at the AD4E Festival


Jo Watson talks to Dr Gabor Maté about his new book “The Myth of Normal – Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture” published on 13th September. This interview was shown at the A Disorder For Everyone festival on 16th September 2022 – an annual event that challenges the culture of diagnosis and disorder and the pathologising of emotional distress. You can read MITUK’s highlights of the festival here.


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Jo Watson is a psychotherapist, trainer, speaker and activist. Her activism is motivated by a belief that emotional distress is caused by what is experienced and largely rooted in social factors. Jo founded the Facebook group ‘Drop The Disorder!’ in September 2016. She is part of the Mad in The UK team madintheuk.com and the editor of the PCCS Books books Drop the Disorder! Challenging the Culture of Psychiatric Diagnosis and We are the Change-Makers; Poems supporting Drop the Disorder! Jo is the organiser of the A Disorder 4 Everyone events adisorder4everyone.com and can be found on Twitter @dropthedisorder