NEW BOOK: Mental Hospitals, Care Homes and Other Stories


This vibrant and challenging book is more than a collection of stories, as it tells a story itself of what went on (and still goes on) out of the public gaze. It is intended to steer the
narrative and provide an opportunity for debate, to help both staff and services achieve greater excellence.

Mental Hospitals, Care Homes and Other Stories is written with past and present health and social care workers in mind. It is written, too, for politicians, health service planners
and commissioners of services. Also, it will be of interest to academics and tutors on counselling, psychology and healthcare courses. With an absence of jargon, where
possible, it is a fascinating read for the general public, too.

Increasingly, over recent years, the growing respect and warmth towards NHS and care
workers has been palpable. I do not want to dampen this in any way. Also, I continue to
hold in the highest regard, the hundreds of dedicated and committed colleagues I have
worked with across the health and social care sector, over the past 45 years.
All the stories in this book are true. However, all the details of each have been changed
such that any person or persons involved will be hard to identify. These changed details
involve name of institution, names of staff, patients and their relatives; and, geographical

“You will experience the full range of emotions while reading this fantastic book…from
hope to despair…from joy to anger. It is a book about the realities of working in the
‘mental health industry’…the realities behind the fancy titles of the ‘experts’ and ‘care
plans’…which are so much more impressive on paper than the reality of lived observation
and experience. This is a book about the best and worst of humanity…buy it if you can
handle the ‘truth’…buy it if you’re thinking of working in this ‘industry’…buy it if you’re
already working in this ‘industry’ and you have become hardened to some of the tragic
stories described within…buy it if you want to restore your faith in people”

—Dr Kev Harding, Clinical Psychologist

‘Mental Hospitals, Care Homes, Other Stories is a wonderful book of real-life anecdotes that are, at times, sad, uplifting, humorous, shocking, enraging, curious, and unexpected. I found it a very engaging and enjoyable read.’

—Sami Timimi, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist