How can the Power Threat Meaning Framework be applied to experiences perceived to be transcendent/ transformative, or spiritual, and how could it be used to support this?


Have you had, or been a support to someone who is having / has had, a challenging transformative experience which you see as a natural, albeit painful, process of growth towards a fuller, deeper expression of an authentic self and meaningful life? Or do you have a general interest in this area?

Do you have ideas on how these experiences could be better supported in the mental health system?

Come and take part in an inclusive, non-hierarchical ‘Open Space’ (explanation of this process below) innovative event – have your voice heard. Every Attendee will have the opportunity to speak.

Date And Time

Fri, 17 January 2020

10:00 – 17:00 GMT


Conway Hall

25 Red Lion Square



More information and tickets here.