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Don’t Believe Everything You Read: Words Matter Desperately

The use of five words — depression, anxiety, guilt, bullying, and microaggression — has skyrocketed in print, in media, and among both professionals and laypeople, and this is causing harm.

Insane Medicine, Chapter 8: Treatment Traps and How to Get Out of Them (Part...

Deconstructing diagnosis, the nature of psychological injury, and how identifying a problem can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

On Human Nature and Its Implications for the Mind-Body Problem

Our desperation to view mental disorder as a disease leads to unhelpful assumptions that it is somehow distinct from the ‘true’ self, encourag[ing] the supposition that it can be treated or cured without changing the individual’s personality. This has led to a huge programme of medically-disguised social engineering, in which people are encouraged to change the way they think and behave, by being persuaded that they have a medical condition that needs to be eliminated.

How Little We Really Know About Psychiatric Drugs

Joanna Moncrieff reflects on what has and has not changed in the field of psychiatric drug treatment in the years between the first and newly published second edition of the Straight Talking Introduction to Psychiatric Drugs.

Insane Medicine, Chapter 7: Industrialised Psychotherapy Markets Western Folk Psychology (Part 2)

Sam Timimi contrasts the folk psychology brands of CBT and McMindfulness with empowering frameworks such as Open Dialogue and the Power Threat Meaning Framework.