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The Month My World Turned Upside Down

We do not have to end up on a cocktail of drugs to function if we have a mental breakdown, and with support from the professionals, we can reduce our medication or stop all medication and get our lives back. 

The WHO Calls for Radical Change in Global Mental Health

The World Health Organisation newly published guidance for community mental health urges an end to forced treatment and the adoption of person-centred and rights-based services.

Not Going Quietly

“My experience of psychiatry is, you’re not treated as an individual. You are asked a battery of pre-prepared questions and they try and control your life. Keeping talking about it helps me,” said Chris. I said, “I just wonder what would make you feel heard so you could enjoy life more.”

Psychiatric diagnosis: what does it really mean? 

When someone is given a psychiatric diagnosis, while it actually explains nothing about any assumed underlying pathology, it is nevertheless powerful because it means something to the person who has been given it. 

Philosophy & Madness: A Discussion with Wouter Kusters on his new book

It was as if all my knowledge about, and philosophical encircling around, the heart of madness suddenly broke a limit, gravitated to a central core, and then exploded into freeing fragments radiating outwards towards an infinity of madness, which was both abysmal as well as ecstatic at the same time.