From Mad in South Asia: Let’s Repaint Our Blank Canvas


From Mad in South Asia: Writing one’s own story, and placing it in front of everyone is very difficult, I feel. But I am trying it out. Currently, the phase that I am going through, as they say, is one of a struggle of oneself with oneself. There are a number of questions that keep roaming around, will I be rejected? Will I be accepted and recognized by people? Will I be able to create an identity of my own? I think these are the challenges ahead. Within these circumstances, I am struggling to find something that will remain with me for a long time, and where instead of fear I will feel confident, feel safe. Where I will feel independent not just in name but truly internally free. I would constantly wonder, why this happened to me (only), I would be distressed, and I would find it difficult to go out, but I keep remembering the words of my friend, “each of us has our own journey, one that is unique, that is different.”

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