“A History of Psychiatric Marketing” in conversation with Robert Whitaker


From Mad in Mexico: “As for the question of colonization, it’s not just about alternatives to drugs, it’s also about how society takes care of itself, how it nourishes its members, and I would say that one of the things in talking to Mad in South Asia is that I hope to hear other stories about community approaches and that we can republish them, because I think we should learn from the Global South, right? Because in many ways the Global North colonized the South with its ideas; They have other ways of dealing with stress and difficulties and that kind of thing, so my biggest hope going forward is that countries in the Global South, who didn’t get into this commercialized capitalist type of thinking, because that is what it is, they can help us rediscover other types of routes, community routes, community organization, and they can help us in how to raise childhoods, and other difficulties in life.”

Read the Spanish article here and the English translation here.