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Mad in the UK’s 10 most popular articles this year

A round-up of Mad in the UK's most popular posts of 2022, as chosen by our readers: Doctor knows best – Dr JP Marshall talks...

Chapter 5: The Manufacture of Childhood Depression (Part 2)

The promotion of SSRI antidepressant use began with the pharmaceutical industry and occurs despite evidence that these drugs are harmful, not helpful, in children and adolescents.

Critical social media literacy protects emerging adults

The potential benefits and negative consequences of social media have long been studied and discussed. However, a lack of attention has been paid to...

What Does it Mean to be Anti-Psychiatry? Thoughts of a Cartoon Anteater

How did I get here? What turned me from loyal acolyte into fearsome-clawed rebel, itching to take on the high priests of psychiatry? Well, there is nothing like being given a taste of psychiatry’s vile medicine for igniting the revolutionary furnace and getting it glowing white hot.

How the medical profession pathologises emotions and the damage to patients

Disclaimer: some doctors have excellent bedside manner and a deep and compassionate understanding of the body’s physical responses to emotions. They take care to...