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Boarding school bad for children

Boarding schools are bad for children. Why do they still exist?

Being sent to boarding school can cause severe harm to children. This is evident from testimonies gathered by therapists, journalists and courtrooms. So why...

Challenging a Diagnosis

Psychiatric diagnoses have far-reaching consequences for every area of your life: welfare, employment, health and travel insurance, physical and mental health assessment/treatment, adoption rights, and social stigma, to name but a few. Yet they are just subjective opinions with no scientific basis and can change over time.

Open Letter to This Morning: “The truth about antidepressants – What you need to...

We, the undersigned, are writing this letter to voice our concerns about your segment aired on Monday, 11th October, “The truth about antidepressants – What you need to know?”, which featured Dr. Ellie Cannon as an expert on the topic

‘What’s the Matter With Tony Slattery?’

For me, this documentary raised so many issues beyond Tony’s individual story.  I was deeply touched by his honesty and I sincerely hope he is now getting the trauma-informed support he has needed since he was a desperate, terrified 8-year-old boy more than half a century ago. But it also raises wider concerns.

Unconventional Views About Mental Health

Every year thousands of medical students go through and we explain to them the risks associated with certain drugs. Why is it now when I am saying that maybe my colleagues are underestimating those risks, I’ve been pulled up with complaints?