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What the RADAR Trial Tells Us About Antipsychotic Reduction and Discontinuation

Although the trial showed that relapse is more likely if you reduce antipsychotic medication, it did not show that relapse is inevitable.

The Power Threat Meaning Framework – A critique of a critique

The Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF), a conceptual alternative to the diagnostic model of distress co-produced by psychologists and survivors, has attracted an extraordinary...

Top 10 Myths about the critics of psychiatry

Following the publication of Joanna Moncrieff and Mark Horowitz’s Chemical Imbalance review last month we at MITUK have been increasingly aware of the strongly...

When Tapering Antidepressants, is Going Slow Always the Best Strategy?

Do we take enough account of total drug exposure time when devising antidepressant tapering strategies?

Fatherland Dreamland Motherland Hinterland

I grew up in Rhodesia, a British colony in southern Africa. Until the age of 16, I lived on the grounds of Ingutsheni Mental Hospital where my father worked. As a psychiatrist, he had enormous power.