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John Cromby

Until his early retirement in 2022, John was Professor of Psychology at the University of Leicester. His strongly interdisciplinary research explored the ways in which bodies and social influences interact, focusing particularly on non-psychiatric concepts of mental distress. John has published more than 80 academic journal articles, alongside academic books including 'Psychology, Mental Health and Distress' (2013); 'Feeling Bodies: embodying psychology' (2015); 'Joint Action' (2016) and 'The Handbook of Biology and Society' (2018). He was a contributing author to the 'Power Threat Meaning Framework' (Johnstone & Boyle 2018), and maintains a keen interest in non-psychiatric approaches to mental distress. Neurodiversity has recently been proposed as an alternative to psychiatry, but this detailed review of a well-regarded book identifies some significant flaws in its arguments.