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Sunday, 03, December, 2023

May Cause Side Effects–Radical Acceptance and Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: An Interview with Brooke Siem

Brooke Siem is a writer, speaker, and advocate for the safe de-prescribing of psychiatric drugs. Her work on antidepressant withdrawal has appeared in The Washington...

Anders Sørensen: Tapering off psychoactive drugs, and what these drugs do to our brains

Anders Sørensen is a Danish psychologist, who also has a doctorate in tapering off psychotropic drugs. As a student, he was primarily interested in...

Addressing the Divide Between the Arts and Medical Sciences

An interview with psychiatrist Dr Peter Gordon who describes himself as a gardener with an interest in medicine.

John Read – UK Esketamine Approval – Not so Fast

An interview with Professor John Read who joins us to discuss the UK licensing of esketamine nasal spray (Spravato) for so-called ‘Treatment Resistant Depression’. John led a group of 12 academics and professionals who wrote to the UK regulator expressing concerns.

Conflicts of Interest Questioned in Review of Prescribed Drug Dependence

An interview with Professor Sami Timimi, Psychiatrist Peter Gordon and campaigner Stevie Lewis, who talk about the potential for conflicts of interest with the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists participation in a Government-led review of Prescribed Drug Dependence.