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Will Self Tells of a Friend’s Detention in Psychiatric Hospital

From BBC's A Point of View. Will Self tells the disturbing story of what happened to a friend, recently detained in a London psychiatric...

Johann Hari: Lost Connections

An interview with journalist and author Johann Hari about his latest book: Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real causes of Depression and the Unexpected Solutions, in which he learned that almost everything we have been told about depression and anxiety is wrong.

May Cause Side Effects–Radical Acceptance and Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: An Interview with Brooke Siem

Brooke Siem is a writer, speaker, and advocate for the safe de-prescribing of psychiatric drugs. Her work on antidepressant withdrawal has appeared in The Washington...

Anders Sørensen: Tapering off psychoactive drugs, and what these drugs do to our brains

Anders Sørensen is a Danish psychologist, who also has a doctorate in tapering off psychotropic drugs. As a student, he was primarily interested in...