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Introducing the AD4E Guest Speakers – Festival Line-up

This Friday, 16th of September we will be joining the third annual AD4E festival - a whole day of change-making talks, presentations, conversations, and...

A Disorder for Everyone! Online Festival September 2022

Book your 2022 tickets here The 3rd annual AD4E festival will bring you a whole day of change-making talks, presentations, conversations, and poetry from far...

Rethinking Mental Health Care Conference September 2022

Global Mental Health Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania on 8-10 September,featuring Dainius Puras, Richard Wilkinson, and Lucy Johnstone amongother innovators from across the world.Register Now

A Disorder for Everyone! – Crucial Conversations (a CPD certificated event)

Johann Hari and Lucy Johnstone join us to talk about their new books. A panel discussion will follow to further discuss the issues raised. Thu,...

Crucial conversations: with Joanna Moncrieff and James Davies, PHD.

"A Disorder for Everyone!" - Challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis and exploring non-pathologising alternatives comes to Penrith.