A Disorder for Everyone! – The Online Festival 2023


On 22nd September 2023 the festival returns for the 4th time!

You can expect the usual dynamic, change-making energy, passion and wisdom from every one of them. They are all people who challenge the mainstream medicalised paradigm of emotional distress that labels and pathologises people’s suffering on a daily basis.

Tickets available online here 


Our contributors this year:-

Lucy Johnstone, Jo Watson, Akima Thomas, Sanah Ahsan, Indigo Daya, Jacqui Dillon, Daniel Mackler, Mary Boyle, Joanna Moncrieff, Sami Timimi, Shoshana Levin Fox, James Barnes, Catherine Jackson, Anne Guy, Sarah Henry, Janet Tolan, Kate Silverton, Gabor Maté, Johann Hari, Nadine Denneth, Robert Whitaker, Karin Jervert, Marnie Wedlake, Peter Kinderman, Lasse Matilla, James & the disorders ft John Read, Viv Gordon, Clare Shaw