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Tag: NHS mental health

No, one in five children do not have a ‘mental disorder’

Last week, the NHS announced that 18% of children aged seven to 16 have a ‘probable mental disorder’. Among 17-19-year-olds, that rises to 26%. Mind-bogglingly,...

When Treatment Makes You Sick: The Eating Disorder Clinic

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on Mad in the UK in August 2021, we are reposting some of our favourite blogs over...

The IAPT Service Is an Abject Failure

In 2012, an editorial in the prestigious journal Nature claimed that the UK’s IAPT Service is “world-beating”—meaning that the service is the world’s best for treating...

Breaking Down is Waking Up

An interview with Dr Russell Razzaque, consultant psychiatrist and associate medical director in east London who, together with colleagues, is leading a pioneering multi-centre Open Dialogue pilot in the UK National Health Service.