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Tag: alternatives to diagnostic labels

Tanya Frank on ‘Zig-Zag Boy: Madness, Motherhood and Letting Go: My...

Author Tanya Frank discusses her book 'Zig-Zag Boy: Madness, Motherhood and Letting Go', which chronicles the experiences of her son Zach who experienced psychosis as a 19-year-old.

The Devil’s Pulpit: A Reflection On False Authority, Past And Present

Why do we keep treating 'mental health problems' like diagnosable medical conditions instead of the complex existential phenomena they obviously are? Why do we submit to the false authority and doctrinal absurdities of hubristic 'mind doctors', when a holistic, humane, preventative perspective is clearly required?

Why Must People Pathologize Eating Problems?

Why is it that so many people, even some astute critics of the traditional mental health system who are happy to challenge the pathologizing of emotional distress generally, cling uncritically to the term and concept of “eating disorders”?