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Electroconvulsive Therapy Being Used on Teens in NHS Trusts

Thousands of patients with mental health issues, including teenagers, are being given electroconvulsive therapy despite links to brain damage.

Stop Saying ‘Commit Suicide’, Urge Celebrities and Campaigners

From The Indepedent. More than 130 authors, campaigners, politicians, journalists and broadcasters are calling for for an end to the use of the phrase “commit...

Addiction and Dependence: Are the Media Aware They’re Not the Same?

From The Foundation For Economic Education. Addiction is not the same as dependence. Yet politicians and many in the media use the two words interchangeably....

Generation Rx – Kevin P. Miller

Meticulously researched, director Kevin P. Miller follows families through their children’s experiences with prescribed psychiatric medications, and the subsequent devastation caused.

Muckamore Abbey Seclusion Room was ‘Dark Dungeon’

From BBC News. The mother of a severely disabled man who is a patient at Muckamore Abbey Hospital described a seclusion room her son was placed in as "a dark dungeon".