Beyond Diagnosis is more than a book, it’s a movement …


As a coach with 30 years of experience, I knew of many, many people who have recovered from all kinds of mental health difficulties. Despite being told that they had a ‘chemical imbalance’ or that it was genetic and that they would need to be on psychiatric drugs  and possibly disabled for the rest of their lives, these people are free of drugs, not needing further treatment, and living beautifully.

What if I collected their stories?

What an inspiration that would be to the thousands of people still suffering!

In my new book, Beyond Diagnosis, I have collected over 45 personal stories of how people have recovered from everything from the experiences we call psychosis to bulimia, from what is called OCD to ADHD. They have all recovered because they saw the truth of how experience is created. They were guided to slow down and see that we all have innate health and that when they understood how their minds worked, their minds calmed down, no longer tortured by their own thoughts.

Each section of the book is accompanied by interviews with insightful mental health professionals working outside the traditional model who share their clinical experience of how we innocently misunderstand our psychological nature and suffer needlessly. By pointing their clients back to their own wellbeing and wisdom, they show us how anyone can find transformational recovery no matter what they have been through.

Beyond Diagnosis” is a very welcome addition to the critical discourse around ‘mental health’. Chana calls out the mainstream ‘mental illness’ narrative with its endless list of labels and cookie-cutter treatments and encourages us to consider other ways of understanding and responding to emotional distress. It’s a hopeful breath of fresh air!

– Jo Watson; Founder of A Disorder for Everyone.


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In the early 1980s, Chana Studley suffered 3 violent attacks in the UK and 10 years of what is now called PTSD. She recovered and spent the next 25 years combining an Academy Award winning career in Hollywood with coaching and counseling people with mental health struggles. After graduating from The One Thought Institute in 2018 she noticed that her two decades of chronic pain had completely gone and so conducted research to discover if she could reproduce this experience in others. Following the success of 5 case studies she developed a program called Painless and is now helping clients all over the world with all kinds of physical and mental health issues and to introduce them to the MindBody Connection. Chana is an international speaker and author. She has written 3 novels, The Myth of Low Self Esteem, Painless, and Very Well, was an Amazon #1 best seller in 2022. Her latest book Beyond Recovery is a critique of traditional psychology, with over 40 international stories of recovery from every kind of mental health issue as a result of an understanding that we can never be broken and don’t need fixing. Chana has diplomas in psychology and pharmacology, is a World Health Organization First Responder and certified Life Coach.