Fear of psychosis: important things to think about for loved ones and caregivers


From Mad in Finland: Fear is a very powerful thing. That’s what I’ve tried to bring out myself. I’ve tried to describe how I feel that when I reduced and stopped the medication myself, overcoming the fear of the recurrence of psychosis was a key factor in the fact that it did not recur. Of course, no one knows about the future, but even if it were to happen again, I would argue that it would have been quite pointless to have been on strong medication in the meantime. After all, medication is not even a guarantee that psychosis will not recur. These 8 years that have passed so far have definitely been much healthier and fuller without medication (olanzapine even with short-term use often causes at least significant weight gain, not to mention long-term use). If all treatment is focused only on preventing the recurrence of psychosis, you will miss a lot of other things that the condition can bring, other reasons, other feelings, other things to think about, needs for change and whatever.

Read the full article here and the English translation here.

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