The experience of psychiatric survivors in Brazil


From Mad in Argentina: I spent years of my life thinking that mental disorders were diseases like any other, and that this idea was unquestionable by anyone who started from a scientific point of view. I myself had a psychiatric diagnosis, which made perfect sense to me. It was in a lecture at an event of the week of anti-asylum struggle, that I saw that I was wrong. In it, I discovered that for a long time several academics, health professionals and former psychiatric patients have pointed to the lack of scientific evidence that indicates that the phenomena we call mental disorders have any biological basis, and denounce the harmful consequences of the various types of psychiatric interventions. Since then, I have become a former critical patient of psychiatry, starting to see myself as a survivor when I understood that I had suffered various violence during the psychiatric hospitalizations to which I underwent, as well as developed several health problems for having taken psychiatric drugs since the age of 16.

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