Health Communism


From Mad in Mexico: Health is the vulnerability of capitalism. There is no capital without health; health is the host of capital. And the greatest trick of capitalism is to convince us that it exists regardless of this parasitisid sanitary control. That is indifferent.

Health does not have a fixed meaning. It’s fluid. Under capitalism, health has been defined to embody many meanings: from the biological and hyperindividualistic “health” that any person possesses (always a possession, never an ontology) to constructs at the level of global society that try to give language to the survival opportunities of certain populations. Health is a vulgar phenomenon. A matrix stratified by race and class that articulates regimes of artificial scarcity, which are constantly crossed. A destiny, something towards which one should always orient one’s life. Physically, socially, economically and metaphysically healthy. More than one thing, and often difficult or impossible to describe, health is defined by the things it is not. Neither cancerous nor disabled, as if the purest state of health were simply not existing.

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