Bad Science, with Robert Whitaker | Where Is My Mind? Podcast


From Where Is My Mind?: “As we dive deeper into the social structures around mental health it is becoming abundantly clear that we need to find a new approach to treating people.

In this episode, Niall is joined by Robert Whitaker, a medical journalist, author and founder of Mad In America. Robert has dedicated his career to turning a critical lens on the work of psychiatry, debunking the claims of chemical imbalances and miracle treatments and tracing back the unimaginable history that still casts a shadow of stigma on mental health today. Niall and Robert discuss the questionable science that backs up psychiatry, how it was used to control those considered unfit or different and the reason it still holds so much power in our treatment models. They also put forward a case for the paradigm shift needed to ensure people have informed consent and a true understanding of the root of their symptoms, moving away from the ‘broken brain’ theories and examining the social, political and environmental factors at play.”

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