An expert view on PSSD: ‘I have a hunch as to what might be causing it’


From “While research into the underlying biological mechanisms of the disorder remains in its infancy, [Dr. David] Healy has a hunch as to where the problem lies. ‘I suspect that the peripheral nerve endings in the skin are no longer functioning as they should,’ he says.

In Healy’s view, the development of a medical test might also validate the disorder which, though it was first reported to UK and US regulators in 1991, did not receive medical recognition from the European Medicine Agency until 2019.

‘The problem a lot of people have is they go to their doctor and they are disbelieved,’ says Healy. ‘If we had a test to show that the person’s peripheral nerve endings weren’t working right, that would change the discussion between the doctor and the patient.’”

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