Introducing Emotional CPR: An online workshop with Dr Daniel Fisher

This workshop offers a wonderful opportunity to learn from a key developer of Emotional CPR Dr Daniel Fisher and will be invaluable for anyone who offers emotional support to people including counsellors, psychotherapists and those supporting people outside of a professional role.
Emotional CPR (eCPR) was developed from the lived experience of people who have been diagnosed by psychiatry with a so-called ‘mental illness’. It was designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis through three simple steps:
C = Connecting
P = emPowering, and
R = Revitalizing.
The Connecting process of eCPR involves deepening listening skills, practising presence, and creating a sense of safety for the person experiencing an emotional crisis. The emPowering process helps people better understand how to feel empowered as well as to assist others to feel more hopeful and engaged in life.
A research study published in April 2021 indicates that eCPR may increase feelings of belonging while increasing supportive behaviours toward people experiencing emotional distress and extreme states and improving outcomes related to positive and negative affect and feelings of loneliness.


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