Making Sense of Dissociative Experiences (without the ‘Disorder’ part!)


Are you working with/supporting people who experience dissociation?

Do you want trauma-informed, socially responsible and non-pathologising training on this topic with a zero-tolerance approach to colluding with medicalised terminology?

Are you frustrated that the vast majority of training that is offered on this subject subscribes to the narrative of ‘disorder!’

This is an introductory workshop that precedes more in-depth training that will be offered later this year.

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‘Making Sense of Dissociative experience without the ‘disorder’ part!’ – an introduction will help you to:-

-Understand dissociative experience as a creative human response, not a ‘disorder’.

-Begin to explore how you can respond to dissociation in a non-pathologising, compassionate and safe way.

-Increase your understanding of the range and complexity of dissociative experiences.

-Have more confidence in your ability to safely support someone.

This interactive workshop is suitable for all who wish to understand more about this subject including counsellors, psychotherapists and others working in a therapeutic/ support setting.

This workshop is offered in response to numerous requests over the last few years for input on dissociation specifically from a position that is non-medical/diagnostic and has a commitment to challenge medicalised language.

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Jacqui Dillon is an activist, author, and speaker, and has lectured and published worldwide on trauma, abuse, hearing voices, psychosis, dissociation, and healing. She is a key figure in the international Hearing Voices Movement, has co-edited three books, published numerous articles and papers and is on the editorial board of the journal Psychosis: Psychological, Social and Integrative Approaches. Jacqui’s survival of childhood abuse and subsequent experiences of using psychiatric services inform her work, and she is an outspoken advocate and campaigner for trauma-informed approaches to madness and distress. Jacqui is part of a collective voice demanding a radical shift in the way we understand and respond to experiences currently defined as psychiatric illnesses. In 2017, Jacqui was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Psychology by the University of East London.


Jo Watson is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, a supervisor, trainer and activist. She has worked therapeutically for the last 25 years with people who have experienced trauma and adversity and has trained counsellors /psychotherapists and other mental health professionals in issues related to trauma.

Jo is the founder of the Facebook group ‘ Drop The Disorder!’ and runs the AD4E events that challenge the medicalisation of emotional distress and explore trauma-informed and socially responsible alternatives.

Trainers have personal and professional experience of dissociative experience.


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