Understanding mental health problems without diagnoses


From Mad in SwedenBy pointing to alternatives to today’s demonstrably unsustainable perspective on mental suffering, we can join forces to contribute to the revolution that both the UN and the World Health Organization, WHO, are calling for in terms of society’s view of mental illness. Sowing seeds, like those that Hald, Johnstone, Valla and all the others who attended the talks, sowed this day is a way to make the movement for change grow even stronger. Or as Dr Johnstone put it:

The change will not take place from within the existing system. People in positions of power rarely give up power voluntarily. Every revolution starts at the grassroots level, and that’s also where we need to start.

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MITUK’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for fundamentally re-thinking theory and practice in the field of mental health in the UK, and promoting positive change. We believe that the current diagnostically-based paradigm of care has comprehensively failed, and that the future lies in non-medical alternatives which explicitly acknowledge the causal role of social and relational conflicts, abuses, adversities and injustices.