Compassion Focused Therapy: A non-pathologising approach. Online workshop.

In this AD4E workshop, Prof Paul Gilbert will explore the evolutionary basis of compassion-focused therapy and how compassion can be used to address many forms of mental health difficulty particularly those associated with shame and self-criticism. Click here for booking information. 
The workshop will indicate how these processes are typical reactions to contextual and environmental influences impacting the way our brains evolve to process threats. Helping people understand the evolved dispositions to mental health difficulties can be very helpful in helping people to de-centre, de-shame and de-pathologise as well as seeing the value of developing a compassionate mind for themselves and others
This workshop is aimed at counsellors and psychotherapists but is open to anyone interested in non-pathologising ways of supporting people.
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MITUK’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for fundamentally re-thinking theory and practice in the field of mental health in the UK, and promoting positive change. We believe that the current diagnostically-based paradigm of care has comprehensively failed, and that the future lies in non-medical alternatives which explicitly acknowledge the causal role of social and relational conflicts, abuses, adversities and injustices.