Manchester University Antipsychotic Discontinuation Survey


Want to have your say about what type of support would be important when discontinuing antipsychotic medication?

Manchester University is currently recruiting people to take part in a research study looking at what support people with experience of psychosis want when stopping antipsychotic medication. Taking part would involve completing two questionnaires (approximately one month apart). You would be asked to rate how important you think different types of support would be when discontinuing antipsychotics. To take part you need to have experience of psychosis and have tried at some point in your life to stop antipsychotic medication (successfully or not). You can be taking antipsychotics currently but need to have tried to stop, at least once in the past.

You would be compensated for your time. If you have a computer you can complete the questionnaire online. If not, a paper copy of the questionnaire can be sent to you. The research has been approved by the University of Manchester ethics committee.

If you are interested in taking part please email: [email protected] or go directly to the online questionnaire via this link…

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