A Disorder for Everyone – Wolverhampton


“A Disorder for Everyone!” – Challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis and exploring non-pathologising alternatives in association with The University of Wolverhampton

AD4E is coming to Wolverhampton! This will be our 16th event!

Contributors confirmed so far include Dr Lucy Johnstone, Prof Peter Kinderman, Dr Akima Thomas, Jo Watson & Nollaig McSweeney.

Tickets and more information available here.

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MITUK’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for fundamentally re-thinking theory and practice in the field of mental health in the UK, and promoting positive change. We believe that the current diagnostically-based paradigm of care has comprehensively failed, and that the future lies in non-medical alternatives which explicitly acknowledge the causal role of social and relational conflicts, abuses, adversities and injustices.