Stop Saying ‘Commit Suicide’, Urge Celebrities and Campaigners


From The Indepedent. More than 130 authors, campaigners, politicians, journalists and broadcasters are calling for for an end to the use of the phrase “commit suicide” in a drive to help prevent people taking their own lives.

The letter, issued on World Suicide Prevention Day, says the word “commit” suggests suicide is a crime and suicidal thoughts are a sin.

The signatories say the media, especially editors and producers in news outlets, must take a lead in “changing how the UK talks about suicide”.

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  1. I might be guilty, of using this expression myself.

    Every hospitalization I had at Galway, Ireland between 1980 and 1984 (bar the first) was a suicidal event. This stopped when I managed to stop taking the “medication”: Fluphenazine Decanoate Depot.

    I was lucky in that I lived within 10 minutes of the hospital (and the nurses knew me). In Ireland these drugs are often given to young men in rural circumstances who go on to kill themselves.

    Suicidal Fluphenazine

    Research Paper from my Prescriber

    4 out of 10 of the people on these drugs attempt Suicide.