Psychiatric Patients Locked out of Bedrooms Until 10pm at Night


From Patients in a hospital psychiatric unit did not have access to their bedrooms under 10pm at night due to staff shortages, an inspector’s report has revealed.

The conditions were found in St Catherine’s Ward in St. Finbarr’s Hospital, Cork when inspected by the Mental Health Commission.

Chief inspector Dr Susan Finnerty described it as a “restrictive practice” which did not support or respect the autonomy of the patient.

The inspector issued five inspection reports which raise concerns in relation to risk management, consent to treatment, individual care plans, premises and staffing.

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  1. That is not what St Finnbarr’s looks like. St Finbarr’s looks like this
    It was the old workhouse for Cork.
    I clicked on the link and it was the newspaper who used the stock photo so maybe I should be getting at them not you. But isn’t there an alternative to using stock photos? I appreciate there are copyright restrictions but I think for example you can reuse geograph photos. I seriously wonder what the effect is of so many images (in the world in general not Mad in the UK) that misrepresent hospitals, workplaces, etc. as so much newer and shinier than they are in reality, peopled by models.

    • Hi Bramble, thanks for your feedback on this photograph. Unfortunately, we are very limited in our choices for images, we have to make use of royalty free images, becasue the risk of not using them and inadvertently breaching copyright is too great. Our only option for this piece was to use the image provided by The We will check into the legality of using photographs from Geograph.