Could Nutrition Treat Mental Illness?


Food for the Brain Series

Seminar with Professor Julia Rucklidge.

Thursday 4th October, 2018, 1830 – 2000.

Livewire Kitchen, Vauxhall, London.

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MITUK’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for fundamentally re-thinking theory and practice in the field of mental health in the UK, and promoting positive change. We believe that the current diagnostically-based paradigm of care has comprehensively failed, and that the future lies in non-medical alternatives which explicitly acknowledge the causal role of social and relational conflicts, abuses, adversities and injustices.


  1. Yes, a very interesting post. I have found nutrition to be just as effective as keeping stress-free. Both of these mean we could easily wean ourselves from the evil nature of psychiatric drugs. I find eating well incredibly important and have used this means for 20 years to keep myself well. Greek yogurt, celery, varied meals, enjoyable eating (especially with a partner or in a safe environment, hence far away from psychiatry), water, some sweet things such as chocolate. Specifically greek yogurt has something which can stabalise my stress. Larger meals make me less stressed in general. I cannot state this loudly enough. You have a task to get this nutrition message across though but I support you 100%. Please contact me if you need any further info of ‘food’ & ‘spices’ which have lifted my mood in the last 20 years.
    Good luck with your work.